Senior Boys Slim Leg Trouser

These trousers are great for a slim fit boy.


For boys who need a wider fit please see our sturdy boy trouser.


Sizes are shown by waist and leg e.g 28w30leg.

Sizes shown below:


24R 61cm 24" 61cm 7-8 years
25R 63.5cm 26" 66cm 9-10 years
26R 66cm 27" 68.5cm 11 years
27R 68.5cm 28" 71cm 12 years
28S 71cm 27" 68.5cm  
28R 71cm 29" 73.5cm 13 years
28L 71cm 31" 78.5cm  
29S 73.5cm 29" 73.5cm  
29R 73.5cm 31" 78.5cm 14 years
30S 76cm 30" 76cm  
30R 76cm 32" 81cm 15-16 years
30L 76cm 34" 86cm  
31S 78.5cm 30" 76cm  
31R 78.5cm 32" 81cm  
32S 81cm 30" 76cm  
32R 81cm 32" 81cm  
32L 81cm 34" 86cm  
34S 86cm 30" 76cm  
34R 86cm 32" 81cm  
34L 86cm 34" 86cm  
36R 91cm 32" 81cm  
36L 91cm 34" 86cm  
38R 96cm 32" 81cm  
40R 101cm 32" 81cm  
42" 107cm 178cm 89cm  
44" 112cm 178cm 89cm  
46" 117cm 178cm 89cm  
48" 122cm 178cm 89cm  
50" 127cm 178cm 89cm

Senior Boys Slim Leg Trouser


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